What's new?

New web site to come
A new web site is on it's way to come!
Foire de l'emploi 2020
NWFA Milwaukee 2020
Come visit us at NWFA 2020 in Milwaukee at booth #400
Authorized system integrator Fanuc
MEKANIKA newly authorized system Fanuc integrator
NWFA Fort Worth 2019
Come visit us at NWFA 2019 at Fort Worth TX at booth #400
Foire de l'emploi
NHLA Toronto 2018
Come meet us at NHLA 2018 Toronto, booth #117
Atlanta IWF 2018
Come meet us at IWF 2018, hall B booth #4412
NWFA Tampa Bay 2018
Come visit us at NWFA 2018 à Tampa Bay FL at booth #1701
Ligna 2017
We will attend LIGNA 2017 in Hanover, Germany
NWFA 2017 Phoenix AZ
Come visit us at NWFA 2017 in Phoenix AZ in booth #602
Manufacturing agreement with a new agent
Mekanika announces agreement with Pierre Belley, manufacturing agent
IWF Atlanta 2016
Come visit us at booth 8021 Hall B
NWFA 2016 Charlotte NC
Come visit us at NWFA 2016 Charlotte NC booth 1302
Updating project done!
LIGNA 2015
We will attend LIGNA 2015 in Hanover, Germanyu
NWFA 2015 St-Louis
Come meet us at NWFA 2015 in St-Louis at booth #736
Business people of the year
Mekanika received a great honor November 5th
First experience in Brasil
Succesfull installation at SM Laminados Madeira
50th anniversary!
Mekanika celebrate it 50th year!
IWF Atlanta 2014
Come visit us at IWF Atlanta booth 7839B
NWFA show Nashville 2014
Come meet us NWFA 2014 Nashville
We will be present at the LIGNA show in Hanover
NWFA 2013 Dallas
Come meet us at NWFA show in Dallas
Another Signed Contract
Manufacturing a second automatic sorter.