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Large Dimension Parts Machining

Shaper frame
Pillow block
Cast-iron spiral
144" diameter ring
Base ring
Multi-sided ring
Machined ring
Winding shaft
Machine tool base
Machined frames
Pump housing
Pump cover
Diagonal hole boring
98" diameter cast-iron pulley turning
Pillow block turning
Winch turning
Machining the inside of a gearbox
Press part
Stocking cylinder
Off-Road Vehicle frame
Bandsaw wheel
Motor base and volute
Wear sleeves

A Few Realizations

Mekanika operates a machine shop specializing in large dimension parts.

We develop a range of optimum machining options directly from your plans to offer you cost-effective, quality parts within your timeline.

All our machine tools are numeric control (CNC), well maintained and calibrated regularly. Complementing our machine shop, Mekanika also offers welded assembly that complies with Canadian Welding Bureau standards.

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